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Key Features of screenswift - Feature rich flash screensaver tool

Key Features

Top 10 features

Convert any .swf file

Screenswift supports Flash 4,Flash 5 and Flash6/MX, Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 and SWF files created from any software, making it easy for you to convert any SWF into a flash screensaver.

Easy Installation

License information is supplied to the end user along with the installation. Screenswift provides support to have a Quiet installation. You can also customize the Screensaver installation screen.

Additional Resources Files

You can now specify additional resource files required by the Screensaver E.g. swf,txt,xml,mp3 etc.

Controlling the screensaver

Control the sound and interactivity of your Screen Saver, and preview it on the click of your mouse button. You can also preview the screensaver and settings box.

Viewing the screensaver

You can play the movie at its original size or stretch it to full screen. Screenswift also supports dual monitor.

Encapsulated files

All bitmaps, text files and SWF files are encapsulated within the screensaver, hence avoiding further re-use.

Including your identity

Add your logo and url in Windows Display Property's Settings Windows.

No Plugin required

End users don't require plugin to install flash screensaver.

Customization options

You can customize your Screensaver background color and also the title background color and text.

Shareware Style

Create shareware style flash screen savers.

Detailed Feature List

  • All in one package-no need to use external packages to create read me files or installer
  • Saves configuration for every screen saver that you create as projects
  • Optional close button display while screensaver is playing
  • Quick access to recently used screensaver projects
  • Custom design Settings window
  • Context sensitive help
  • Include hyperlinks to e-mail and web addresses in the Settings window
  • Supports latest flash formats including Flash 8 and Flash MX
  • Unlimited Screensaver Distribution for licensed users
  • No ads or banners in the setup box
  • Intuitive User-Interface
  • Online registration

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