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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Screenswift 5.0

Q. Will the ScreenSwift Splash screen or any other mention of ScreenSwift appear after I register the product ?

Ans: No. Once you register the product you would be able to customize the Settings Window. Also the Splash Screen (which shows up when the software loads) and the ScreenSwift Banner (which shows up when the screensaver loads) will be removed. No mention of ScreenSwift would appear. This gives you the freedom to re-brand the ScreenSaver.

Q. I have purchased ScreenSwift, where do I enter the registration code?

Ans: To register your product follow the below steps:
  • Open ScreenSwift
  • Click on the 'Help' button and then click on the 'Register Your Purchased Copy' menu.
  • Enter your Name, Company and Registration code.
Once you are done with these three steps your product would be registered and you will be able to use all the options and totally customize your ScreenSaver.

Q. Can I make interactive flash screensavers?

Ans: Yes, you can make Interactive flash screensavers. Screen Saver > General Options > Exit Screen Saver On Uncheck the option to make the movie interactive.

Q. What software can I use to Create SWF files?

Ans: The following products that export to the SWF file format. You can use any of the following software to create SWF: Macromedia Flash, Adobe LiveMotion, Swish, Swift 3D, Vecta3D Standalone, 3DS Max Plugin - Vecta3D, 3DS Max Plugin - Illustrate 5

Q. How do I Uninstall flash Screensaver created using ScreenSwift?

Ans: To uninstall a flash screensaver created using screenswift: Go to Windows Start Menu->Settings->Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, choose "Add/Remove Programs" applet. Select the flash screensaver you wish to remove.

Q. What do I specify in "Specify a File Path for your Screensaver Setup"?

Ans: You would need to specify a file name for the screensaver installation you want to create. Choose a path on your disk and give a file name e.g myscreensaversetup.exe.